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bet on footballUpdated In August, 2020 - Betting on football is easy for those who do so online. A football bet is a simply action that takes a few seconds and an online sportsbook. To successfully bet football you simply need to sign-up at an online sports betting site, make a deposit and place your wager. I'm from the USA so I can only bet on football at US sportsbooks. This isn't a problem because the Internet's best sports books for college and NFL football betting are open to Americans. There are a number of different football bets you can make. I will cover some of these kinds of wagers and provide some tips for those who want to bet on football games online in 2013. I should point out that while online sports betting isn't something any US citizen has ever gotten in trouble for it is still in a gray area of the law. Football bets can be placed at an online sports book over the phone or online. It really isn't difficult but you do want to choose the right bookmaker. I've listed the best US sportsbooks in 2013 to help you along. Each has lightning quick payouts, free sports bets, big bonuses, live in-play betting and a wide range of other betting options. They are the largest football betting sites online in 2013.

Where to bet on football online - U.S. sportsbooks for NFL & NCAA betting

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ways to bet football - types of football bets

There are several major ways to bet on football. I'm referring to the actual types of football wagers, not where you should go to place a football bet. The most common type of football bet is a pointspread. You can also choose a NFL or college football moneyline bet. Over/under bets, prop bets and futures bets are also popular amongst football bettors. Here is a definition for each kind of football wager:

Tips for betting on football online

Football sportsbooks like Bovada offer the best lines and odds. Other bookies usually pay out less so you should stick to the big books listed above. My best football betting tip is to avoid wagers with big odds but small chances. You do not want to bet that the worst NFL football team will win the Superbowl in 2014 just because the payout is 500/1. It is true that a $2,000 wager would pay out $1,000,000 but it just isn't going to happen. Go with bets like pointspread's. They are virtual coin-flips so you should win at least 50% of your wagers. If you have good sports betting instincts you could win much more. You will want to avoid single man bookies or locals in areas it is considered illegal. Placing bets over the phone at personal bookies is outdated, unsafe and obsolete. I'm not trusting some guy - probably a criminal - with my money. A billion dollar company like Bovada with a 12+ year record as a trustworthy online bookmaker is the only wasy to go.